The Tenuta La Piccola is set in the heart of the region Emilia between the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma. It belongs to the Fontana familiy from the sixties.
The estate consists of 25 hectares of organically grown vines. It is situated in an area which is particularly suitable for grapes production; near the river Enza banks in the Reggio Emilia province, 105 m. above the sea level. The high quality of the wine is the result of the perfect climatic and geological characteristics of this land.
In the nineties Mr Licinio Fontana after travelling in Burgundy, Tuscany and Alto Adige decided he would adopt the strictest production parameters in order to obtain high quality wines. At the beginning other producers did not understand his new approach and laughed at him. Now the Tenuta La Piccola is a reference point for many other companies who recognize that his strategy is a winning one.

Another challenge he won was the formation of a team of men whose work allowed the realization of the project. They believe that wine production is an ancient art; it is a great passion they know and respect and has its origin in a deep vital bond with their land. The repetition of the same careful and loving gestures unchanged by the passage of time show their tension towards the future.
The young and dynamic staff always tending to perfection is now led by a young oenologist Dr. Giulio Davoli with the help of experienced cellarers and vine cultivators.

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