The wines produced in Tenuta La Piccola are the synthesis of the taste, aroma, colour and culture of our land. They are the result of prestigious grapes and the wise work of men who know how to cultivate and take care of them. These wines are an expression of great passion, dedication and generosity because our priority is quality as opposed to quantity. Our effort is the balance between innovation and tradition, science and history, passion and knowledge.


The traditional refinement process in wooden barriques is a must for our prestigious grapes (Merlot, syrah, cabernet, Malbo Gentile, Viognier) and allows the production of great aged wines. The transformation occurring during the period in which the wine is left in contact with the wood has not been completely explained yet. It is believed that much depends on gas exchange taking place through the wood and therefore much depends on the age and dimension of the barrels and to the effect of oxygen penetration in the wine. Also the choice of the wood type is therefore vital.
Only the slow oxygenation process happening during this stay in wooden containers allows colour stabilization and tannins softening.

Our more prestigious wines undergo 12 or 24 months barrique ageing and 6 more months in the bottle before being sold.

We have chosen 75 cl. Bordeaux type bottles or 0,375 cl. for Passito (raisin wine); the cork is first choice with compact fibres in order to reduce the risk of altering the wine taste.

Our wines reflect the culture which originated them; balanced and refined, sincere and elegant, strong and naturally noble. It is a world of taste, flavours and aromas which matches good food and enhances the pleasure of a moment of private enjoyment or sharing with others.

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